Spas In Studio City For Ultimate Relaxation for Moms

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Calling all moms! Let’s be honest, you do A LOT as a mom. You wear so many hats and are constantly pouring love into others that you’re likely running on fumes and your child’s laughter and hugs.  As wonderful and irreplaceable those hugs and laughter are, you DESERVE relaxation and self care AWAY from the house. These Spas in Studio City are dedicated to self care and relaxation and worth glancing at.

Spas In Studio City For Maximum Relaxation

The NOW Massage Studio

 Leave your day-to-day stress at the door as you enter this hidden Oasis in the city at 12019 Ventura Blvd Los Angeles, CA 91604. The NOW Massage Studio offers a tranquil space to escape today’s digitally run society. At The Now Massage Studio, indulge in self-care that refreshes and rejuvenates your body and recharges your energy. They provide high-quality massage services from skilled and experienced massage therapists.

Their service will simply melt away your stress and tension as you relax. You can choose from their three Swedish-inspired massages like their signature massage, the NOW, the Healer massage for restoring balance to your mind and body, or the Stretch massage for athletes. If your body requires extra TLC, they have enhancements you can add to pack your self-care with extra luxury. Book your escape on their website.

WanSerene Organic Spa

At WanSerene Organic Spa, quality service and customer satisfaction are necessary. All of their technicians are skilled and highly trained licensed professionals. Their first goal is to ensure you receive the proper treatment to reduce stress, release muscle tension, and enhance well-being. The spa’s location is 4650 Lankershim Blvd, North Hollywood, CA 91602.

It offers an ideal space for people of all ages and walks of life to relax, feel inspired, and refresh their minds and body. Please take advantage of one of the various massages they offer, waxing, one of the rejuvenating and beneficial facial treatments, or their infrared sauna therapy. You will leave feeling better than when you arrived and ready to take on your next challenge. Give yourself permission to relax and make your appointment on their website.

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Candle Spa

When you step into the immaculate, inviting, and cozy space at Candle Spa, it might be hard to leave! They provide the perfect combination of a calming environment and quality spa services. These services allow your mind and body to relax, recharge, and escape your busy schedule and exhausting everyday tasks. Suppose you need to relieve stress and tension or find relief from aches and pains like back aches and stiffness, shoulder pain, neck pain, and more brought on by your work life.

Their professional massage therapists are skilled in various massages to target and improve problem areas. With options like Thai and Swedish variations, deep tissue massage, therapeutic neck and back massage, hot stones, aromatherapy massage, and couples and prenatal massage, you can improve your wellness and feel completely refreshed. The location of the spa is 11390 Ventura Blvd. Suite 6A Studio City, CA 91604. You can also book your relaxing and beneficial massage online.

Squeeze Massage

With several locations throughout Studio city, finding high-quality and personalized massages is easier than ever! While some Spas avoid technology to help you relax, this one embraces it and uses it to help you customize your spa experience. Their massage therapists provide the best massage of your life. They know the right pressure to use and can target specific problem areas to remove aches, pains, and tension from the day’s stress. Their aim is to personalize your experience and even take note of your preferences. The spa will add this to your profile, so your massage therapist knows exactly what you want at your next appointment. 

You can even elevate your experience and include extras like percussion therapy, aromatherapy, deep tissue, and heat therapy at no extra cost! When it comes time to leave, they don’t believe in undoing all your stress just to leave you at an awkward checkout counter. You can book, pay, tip, review and even customize your massage experience all on their app. You can just float out the door on cloud nine when your appointment is over. Please book your appointment or download their app online. 

Spas In Studio City

Take care of yourself and visit one of these fantastic Spas in Studio City. You deserve it. For more Studio City area resources, click on the links below. Then, reach out to schedule your next session!

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