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We all want the best for our kids. From limiting screen time to making healthy veggies that wind up getting pushed to the side, we’re constantly trying to do what we can for their benefit. There’s no exception when it comes to their education! From a young age, it’s vital to ensure we’re growing their minds and providing them with a rich and engaging atmosphere. This is why so many families have come to love the Center for Early Education. This prestige center equips kids with all they need to know.

About The Center for Early Education

From the very beginning, Center for Early Education has focused on understanding the psychology of children. The creation of the center began in 1939 with a playgroup and a few psychoanalysts. Preschool education had just entered the country’s radar, and there was little research behind the idea. The professionals studied the children so they could develop a way of teaching that would encourage the natural development of their minds. 


The playgroup was moved to its current location on Alfred Street in 1946. The next year, the rigorous teacher training program began. Over the years, the school would continue its history making revolutionary changes in the early childhood education world. It would open the country’s first head start class and implement philosophies that have been foundational in the field ever since. In 1968, the center opened a new building on the campus and was given its current name of Center for Early Education. 


Today, the center continues its role serving the very best minds of Los Angeles with its elementary and preschool. The teachers on staff have on average ten years of tenure, and the classroom ratio of students to teachers is 7:1, allowing each child to have the proper amount of attention. The school strives to have a diverse student body and has students from over 65 zip codes. Children graduate from the center with a wonderful education that will continue to propel them throughout the rest of their lives. 

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Center for Early Education has shaped some of the brightest minds within the city. Their application process can be quite thorough, and applying early is key! You’ll begin this process first with an inquiry form and then with the online application. After this, you’ll attend the open house and then complete the parent tour and in-person interview. While the process seems lengthy, I promise you, it’s worth it. With an admission comes a promise of one of the very best early educations your child can receive.


The school takes a unique yet trusted approach to their education. Toddlers are given the ability to explore and experiment. They’ll play outside, learn music, create art, and play with sensory materials. The school focuses on community building and creating routines so your child can begin to prepare for school. 


The early education center provides both full-day and half-day classes for 3- and 4-year-olds. They’ll start a curriculum aimed at teaching your child about their identity and self-esteem. Your child will strengthen motor skills and use hands-on experiments that set the building stones in place for subjects such as math and emergent literacy. For children between the ages of 4 and 5, the center offers full-day sessions that will increase skills necessary for school. Rather than rely on tedious memorization, the center works on creating an engaging atmosphere that fosters curiosity and encourages an intellectual mindset. These methods have been tested over generations and are proven to allow your child to be their best. 

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Center for Early Education opened their elementary school in 1971 as a way to continue their proven methods. From kindergarten to sixth grade, students are placed in a developmentally-appropriate environment. Students here are given independence to help them excel. They are given a choice on what to read from an early age and taught how to engage with the works. 

As they get older, they’re invited to lead parent conferences so they can have a voice in their education. The school has a curriculum that has been developed to effectively teach your child each subject. Their after school programs focus on a variety of different topics including learning musical instruments, studying acting, and practicing cooking skills. Overall, the school prides itself on creating a place where your child can always be learning. 

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Center for Early Education

If you’re looking for one of the best preschools in Los Angeles, you will adore the Center for Early Education. With revolutionary methods taught by passionate teachers, your child will be fully prepared for whatever life has in store. 

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