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There’s no kid quite like yours. They’re constantly working to shape their identities, from their favorite songs to their incredible pictures. Watching their wonderful personalities emerge is one of the best parts of being a parent. Because you get a front-row seat, no one knows your child quite like you. You understand how their minds work and what motivates them. And you know what kind of environment will best foster their minds.

While there’s no limit to traditional schools, some kiddos excel in unorthodox spaces that prioritize exploration. If you’ve been starting the journey of looking for the right preschool for your child, I would love to tell you about Little Dolphins By The Sea. With an exciting approach and devoted teachers, it might just be the place for your family. 

About Little Dolphins By The Sea

Little Dolphins By The Sea is a prestigious preschool founded to give children an environment that fosters creativity. The school was started in 1992 in the garage of the founder, Margarita Pagliai, while she taught nine families. Even from the beginning, students experienced a unique environment that encouraged learning by making it immersive. Students received unforgettable experiences, such as visits from Jane Goodall herself. Over the years, the school grew, moving from a garage to a park before finding its current location on Stanford Street. 

The school has consistently provided its students with hands-on experiences. From planting edible gardens to discussions with scientists and artists, students have been encouraged to interact with the world around them to develop their minds. Over three decades, the school has strived to help students be their very best.

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Little Dolphins By The Sea is a popular choice for many families because of their gentle yet effective approach to learning. As a result, the school is quite exclusive with its admissions. Don’t let that deter you, though! The school is worth the effort!

Little Dolphins By The Sea provides students with a one-of-a-kind education by pulling various cultures into their curriculum. The school teaches students to practice mindfulness while engaging with the world. Your student can see authentic artifacts, taste global foods, read significant texts, and learn various dances and songs. 

The students put on a school-wide festival to demonstrate what they’ve learned and display their knowledge to parents and the community. Through these gorgeous festivals, your student learns about the importance of individuality and engages with the world outside of their social sphere.

Your students are taught how to become responsible by learning how to make meaningful decisions. They aren’t presented with a “right” answer or a “right” method to accomplish their goals. They can explore and find their own way to approach problems while being placed in an age-appropriate atmosphere that will inspire their curiosity and foster their development. 

The institution prioritizes community. Your student will learn to socialize with those around them and learn about diversity within the world. They’ll be placed within a democratic society where they learn how their actions affect others. Through this emphasis on social and emotional needs, your child will learn to be a compassionate and responsible individual. 


The Arts

Perhaps the biggest draw to the school is its focus on the arts. Your child will learn all about the visual arts by studying geniuses such as Matisse, Picasso, Monet, Van Gosh, Kahlo, Seuret, and many more. They’ll study the works and the techniques before trying their hand at it. The school lets them practice watercolor, sketching, collage, building, and construction. They’ll love both the intellectual and the hands-on approach to appreciating the greats. 

The school also features music and musical theatre classes. Your child will learn songs during the daily circle time. Furthermore, they’ll experience storytelling and puppetry that makes the works engaging throughout the day. They’ll also use music to learn important information such as letters. 

The Roots & Wings program provides fabulous extracurricular programs. From yoga and dancing to woodworking and decorative art, your child will love finding different ways to create and burn off some of that endless energy.

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Little Dolphins By The Sea

Little Dolphins By The Sea is a marvelous school that’s become beloved by the community over the past three decades. With its customized approach, engaging environment, and passionate staff, your child will get an education that will continue to positively shape them for years to come! 

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