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Having a sick little one is the worst; dealing with the boogers and coughing all night long, we feel helpless most of the time as moms. Luckily, a trained and caring pediatrician Santa Monica is available to help our kids and us when we need it most. So, be sure to check them out as they are mom tested and recommended! 

4 Pediatrician Santa Monica For Committed Child Healthcare 

Pacific Ocean Pediatrics

Founded in 1996, Pacific Ocean Pediatrics is a pediatrician in Santa Monica that has a large team of medical doctors, nurses, administrative staff, and even a pediatric neurologist. They commit to providing excellent medical care to their patients in a warm and caring environment. Pacific Ocean Pediatrics dedicates itself to the health and development of children from birth through early adulthood. Services offered include prenatal visits for moms, newborn check-ups, wellness care, immunizations, physicals, sick visits, and ongoing care for different medical illnesses. 

This pediatrician Santa Monica remains open Monday through Saturday and closes on Sundays. Furthermore, there is always a doctor on call 24/7 for all of your emergencies that you may have. At Pacific Ocean Pediatrics, they understand how complicated insurance can be. Still, they make the process easy for you as they take care of all the hard work. They accept several of the big plans and will ensure that you are in-network and will figure out all the behind-the-scenes stuff, so you never have to worry. After all, you are raising a little one; that’s hard enough! Pacific Ocean Pediatrics are friendly, caring, and knowledgeable and one of the best pediatricians in Santa Monica. 

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Morningside Pediatrics

Morningside Pediatrics is a vibrant group of compassionate, bright, and experienced pediatricians in Santa Monica who care for children from birth through adolescence. They believe in high-quality pediatric care which is individualized, accessible, and personal. Services offered include comprehensive care, including sick and well visits, newborn care, breastfeeding consultations, immunizations, trauma care, and behavioral consults. 

Please note that Morningside Pediatrics only accepts vaccinated children and families or those planning on getting vaccinated. They offer appointments Monday through Friday, and you can come on the same day for sick or urgent cases. Moreover, they have an after-hours nurse and doctors on call, so someone is always there for you. Morningside Pediatrics accepts most major insurance plans. There is an annual fee if your little one is under six years old. Supporting you and your family is Morningside Pediatrics’ priority, so check them out today!

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Santa Monica Pediatrics

Santa Monica Pediatrics offers world-class pediatric care for children of all ages, from newborns to adolescents, delivered with outstanding customer service. They are open Monday through Friday and are closed on Saturdays and Sundays. You can schedule an appointment on the website; it is just that easy! 

Santa Monica Pediatrics offers newborn care, well care, same-day sick appointments, coordination of care for chronic medical conditions, and immunizations. The best part of Santa Monica Pediatrics is that they are part of UCLA Health. So you can have all your medical needs taken care of in a one-stop shop situation. Additionally, they also work with a wide range of health insurance plans and government health programs to ensure that your little one has access to the best care! 

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Tenth Street Pediatrics

Tenth Street is a pediatrician in Santa Monica. They are the only pediatric practice in the area open 24/7 and 365 days per year. Wow, that has me sold right there! In addition to constant care availability, they offer well and sick baby and kid exams, prenatal screenings (FOR FREE!), newborn exams, adolescent exams, sports physicians, developmental assessments, parenting advice, immunizations, and mental health care and management. 

Tenth Street Pediatrics has a caring staff you can access at any time of the day through their online portal. The online portal allows you to access lab results, and medical records. You can even message your doctor directly with any questions you may have. When you go to Tenth Street Pediatrics in Santa Monica, you will be greeted with a smile and treated like part of the family. 

Pediatrician Santa Monica

Knowing that you are not alone when your little one is sick is such a relief. The pediatricians in Santa Monica are sure to help you with all your medical needs for you and your family! 

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