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Becoming a first-time parent can be ridden with anxiety, wonder, and excitement! There Is little preparation for future parents, often making them have to research or source any information themselves, which can be daunting and confusing. Luckily, Bini Birth is dedicated to providing an outlet for education for all parents or caretakers. Here’s why you should check them out! 

About Bini Birth

Bini Birth has set a standard for childbirth education in Los Angeles for seventeen years. Bini Birth was created by Ana Paula, a childbirth educator and birth doula since 2002, certified through DONA International and ICEA. As a result of her passion and expertise, she is at the forefront of the birth movement in Los Angeles, California, and around the world. Throughout their transformational journey, parents will be supported, validated, and loved by Bini Birth’s services.

Los Angeles doctors, leading hospitals, birth professionals, and families trust and recommend Bini Birth. Bini Birth brings together scientific, evidence-based information and field practice to create a safe space for families and birth professionals to learn and share. Bini Birth is all about support, education, and community. Finally, you can find them at 13743 Riverside Dr, Sherman Oaks.

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Their Classes

Bini Birth is proud to offer a variety of classes and services. For professionals, doula training, advanced doula workshops, childbirth educator training, and breastfeeding for doula classes are provided at Bini Birth. For parents, you’ll find childbirth classes, breastfeeding basics, baby care 101, and doula hiring services. As for childbirth classes, they believe there is no single way to prepare for birth. Equally, there is not one right way to give birth.

Their creative approach to childbirth classes combines elements of their favorite education methods: Lamaze, Bradley, hypnosis for labor, and more. So you will have all the tools you need for your upcoming birth. They offer online workshops so you can learn from home. Their in-person classes include Pregnancy & Labor Essentials, Coping with Labor, Birth Preferences, Medical Assistance, and Baby Care & Bonding. Bini Birth’s breastfeeding class is a comprehensive introduction to the basics of breastfeeding for parents-to-be.

Breastfeeding Support

Additionally, breastfeeding class topics and practice include basic anatomy of the breast and breast changes, milk changes as the baby grows, how to incorporate the non-feeding partner, the importance of skin to skin, positioning and latch, and how to tell if the baby is getting enough milk, and signs of hunger and regular feeding intervals of newborns. The Baby Care 101 workshops are an essential class to prepare you for your new baby! Educators at Bini combine everyday experience, solid information, and humor to create a baby care class to help new parents thrive. You can support your baby’s health and happiness with all the tools you need. So you can bring your baby home feeling empowered and prepared.

Their class will equip you with everything based on the most recent scientific information. From basic skills to hands-on infant care to the most utilized and effective parenting trends. They aim to help new parents find the most efficient, loving, and efficient ways to soothe and bond with their babies. Additionally, they offer online workshops. With topics and practices including newborn appearance and characteristics, holding a baby and swaddling, diapering & bathing, umbilical cord care, circumcision, safety tips, baby sleep and parent lack of sleep, newborn communication and interaction, nursery and baby gear essentials, postpartum period/recovery, relationships after baby, and aligning your support team and self-care as new parents. 

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Bini stands for B-birthing and parenting, I-intimate, N-normal, and I-highly individualized processes. Birthing and parenting are normal, highly individualized processes. So when coupled with education on evidence-based options and support, can be an incredibly life-changing and positive experience. Through workshops, gatherings, and related classes, Bini Birth explores how women and families approach giving birth and parenting. By focusing on options versus a particular “method” for childbirth or parenting, Ana Paula and Bini Birth have attracted significant attention- from expecting families and members of the birth community to various media outlets and high-profile clientele.

Bini also hosts a variety of community classes by trusted providers for pregnancy, new parents, and professionals. Pregnancy community classes include hypnobirthing childbirth education, which is learning to relax throughout pregnancy and look forward to giving birth. In addition, new parent community classes include Wright Mommy & Me, Fit4Mom, RIE parent-infant guidance, and RIE Certified Parent-Infant guidance. Community classes for professionals include traditional postpartum recovery practices, postpartum doula training, and INNATE Postpartum Care: the 5 Essentials to PostPartum Healing. 

Bini Birth

Whether you’re a new or veteran parent, Bini Birth has so much to offer and is proud to help parents at all stages, regardless of where they are in their journey. 

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